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Anonymous: what do you look for in a girl? 

personality, looks,boobs,ass and that are just a bonus..i could never date a boring person

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Anonymous: If I asked you to follow my blog would you???? *looks away embarrassed* 

no i’d ignore you if you just said ” follow me ” but if you asked me nicely to check out your blog i’d have a look at your blog and maybe follow it if i liked it :P

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Anonymous: The pic you have is that you or..? If it isnt you can you post a pic of you? :) 

it´s me! :) i’ll post another picture of me soon okie <3

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He looks adorable&#160;! ❤️

You look adorable 

I have never posted a picture of my body on the internet beforeI’m just not confident about how it looks but I’m trying to accept it as much as I canand I hope you do that too, accept how you look and accept your flaws, You are beautiful 

damn girl
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i feel like i don’t talk to you guys enough you know if you have any questions are anything you’d like to point out to me just ask it won’t kill you!